Southern Ocean

Day 18, and I won’t lie to you, the crew are looking a little frayed around the edges. Some watches cope by singing loud renditions

Mirabaud Awards

After a hard fought and challenging 5,200 nautical miles across the Atlantic, the Clipper Race fleet faced

The Women Behind The Lens

Ever wondered who films and shoots the incredible vision and photos on board the Clipper 70s? Let us introduce you

Plastic in the Mariana Trench

On 13 May, Victor Vescovo, a retired American naval officer, explorer and private equity investor, went deeper than any one before him has gone, descending

8 Tips for Beautiful Underwater Portraits

Animal portraits can often be tricky photographs to achieve, but with the added challenge of creating underwater photos it can often seem impossible

Award winning coral time - lapse

Capable of curing hundreds of diseases, providing a stable economy to over 100 countries and feeding

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